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Julie Borst, owner-operator of The Dapper Dog, here with Tony and his owner Carol Carey Jensen of Bird Rock.  Carol is a 15 year continuous pet grooming customer with Julie.  Photo by Bruce Carey.  

It is with great pride that I celebrate 15 years of continuous service to the area.  On 9/9/99 I opened the present location in Bird Rock and began to offer the retail items that I had regularly advised customers to acquire for their pets.  My deepest thanks and appreciation to those dog and cat owners that have supported my business and thus, have given their pets the utmost in modern care.  Read more about credentials and service at www.TheDapperDog.com.

Performing with the San Diego Poodle Club, in which Julie was chairman of the booth at the Del Mar Fair 2000.

Just who is Tiara?

Tiara is the “kennel prefix” of my standard poodles, much like a stable name.

I have been breeding and competing with black Standard Poodles under the Tiara prefix since 1976. I am a 4th generation dog fancier/exhibitor.

This is a depiction of a 15th Century Bavarian archer, his historically correct trimmed retriever (yes, “Pudel”) and the kennel maid with puppy.  Credits to Kirk Reed, archer, “Kelly” as the retriever, “Portia” as her puppy self, and Julie as the kennel maid.  Tiara Standard Poodles are respected worldwide for their temperament and style.  To read more about these poodles and the research contributing to their husbandry, visit: www.TiaraPoodles.com Other affiliations include: Natural Canine Rearing, Canine Advisors, Del Sur Kennel Club, Poodle Club of America and Bird Rock Community Council.

The evolution of dogs and cats from survival in the wild to domestication has brought many changes.  Before we adopted them, the diet of dogs and cats was mainly small rodents, birds and leftovers of larger predators.  These filled all their nutritional needs – proteins and fat from the tissue, fiber from hair and feathers, plus nutrients from the partially digested food of the fallen prey.  The closer we can recreate our dogs’ and cats’ diets to what their body is designed to eat, the healthier they will be.

What if the tables were turned?  All your owner supplied you with was crackers made of wheat, rice, rancid fat and meat from horrible sources; all cooked at a very high temperature to make . . . ta-da kibble!  A WWII invention.  You would drink a lot of water, feel bloated and be missing out on the 

for-human-consumption-quality meat that your owner believes you are getting in that “Lamb & mostly Rice” diet.   Medium-aged dogs in good health in spite of the kibble are not the ones you will see the biggest difference in changing to a raw diet.   Puppy aptitude and old dog vigor are the most dramatic changes I noted after changing my dogs to a raw diet 5 years ago.

“He’s a new dog,” stated Scupper’s owner to me recently.  Scupper had been itchy and less active until trying the raw diet.

        At The Dapper Dog by Tiara, we are all about educating you about your animals.  I can only personally groom so many dogs and cats each week, so I am happy to have products to enhance those pets’ lives to make up the compliment of the business.  I do not wish to groom more pets or hire someone else to do so.   Only tried and tested products that I endorse are available. Carried is only one manufacturer’s kibble for your convenience.  Because most owners have not made the full change to a Raw Diet for their dogs and cats, we have selected these two Top Ten winners.  No Puppy formula. No Senior formula.  Just terrific basic food.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you think the coyote looks out among the rabbits he wants to catch and says, “hmmm, that one will be good for grandma, and that one will be good for junior!”

You can use the Innova brand for active, growing dogs and the California Natural brand for less active or sensitive dogs.  The cat formulas also stocked here are simply regular calorie and lower calorie. I suggest you feed only the meat, bone and vegetable diets stocked in the freezers here.  It would be good to incorporate them a few days a week at least as part of your pet’s diet.   Brands most respected and carried are Steve’s Real Food For Dogs and a more refined USDA stamped (does not specify for animal use, because it is certified for human consumption) is Halshan Premium Raw Food.   Kibble is just not the best diet for the vast majority of pets, albeit far less expensive.  The top breeders are feeding their dogs Raw and you will note this practice filtering into mainstream pet owners over the next decade.  The more the common dog food process is exposed, the more owners will seek for-human-consumption-quality ingredients.  What if the tables were turned?

If you would like to learn more about increasing the quality of food and thus the quality of your pet’s life, please consider the following seminar, websites and the terrific Wellpet e-mail list.  Your pets will be glad you did!

*****   HOLISTIC CARE FOR PETS   by Kymathy Schultze, author of The Ultimate Diet    *****

Saturday September 23, 2000 - 10:00 to 5:00 in Pacific Beach at The School of Healing Arts, 1001 Garnet Ave.  phone (858) 581 9429.  Learn all about the vitamins, minerals and enzymes dogs are deprived of with processed food.  Learn to make your own recipe for cats or dogs and understand why each ingredient is important.  Call to sign up now for this annual event.

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